Wind Rage…Does Your Dog’s Head Hang Out the Car Window?

Oh, the feel of the wind at your back, or in the case of a dog hanging out the window—the wind in your face. What’s in it for the dog? Probably, the jubilation of having an enormous amount of odors pushed up their nose. Can you image having an olfactory sense that’s 1000 -2000 times stronger? For your pooch that’s the hand, ops, I mean nose that he was dealt! This is amazing for us humans who can only image the things he smells, even the good smells that are out there like rose and lavender.

Sorry, pooch but this is dangerous for many reasons.
Here’s a few:
-debris can kick up from the cars in front or elsewhere and can caught in the dog’s eye
-dog could be thrown out of the car, can you image this at a speed of 30, 50,…miles
-dog could be hit by tree branches or other objects.

O.K., Fido let’s stop the ‘wind rage’ and secure you safely in the car. Just might be the best thing for your comfort, safety and your human companion’s peace of mind!


About The Author

Susanne Savvy

lifetime lover of all creatures with paws

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