Unleash your Dog’s Social Potential at the Dog Park

Your dog maybe an excellent kitchen counter climber yet, there may be perks for your pet companion as a social climber. The dog park is one venue that provides a place to meet other 4 and 2 legged breeds (and mixed breeds).

Definition of a social climber, One who strives for acceptance in fashionable society. I can’t think of a more fashionable society than this group, just check out the variation of this social stratum the next time you are out walking your pooch. From those with a wet hair day to those with that oh, what should I say, have an artistic inclination!

Absolutely, I want to be part of this social group and so does my pooch! My pet companion has introduced me to other folks and their dogs enlarging my fashionable, social circle. I’ve even been to a ‘happy hour’ at a dog park complete with cheese and wine. You might start your own informal social circle hour. With a little attention to the dos and don’ts, (and I don’t mean as in donut), this is a chance to increase her social awareness and an opportunity to creep or crawl up the social ladder.

PawNews Tips


When you call your dog back is your dog responsive? Perhaps, your dog is a puppy, adolescent, or dog that will not readily return on recall? Bring an additional long leash and put it on him/her when you enter the dog park.

Consider a fenced dog park as another step in making your visit a fun and safe one. If your pooch is new to the dog park milieu, consider making the first visit a short one and going during off hours when there are not as many distractions and social climbersAnother article here at PawNews features Dog Park Etiquette.

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