Meet Rover from the Milo’s Foundation

Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 3 yrs. 4 mo. (est)
Milo ID: 28081

Rover’s Story

Rover is the Life of the Party! Rover is someone to LOVE!

He is a happy, affectionate and loving dog who loves his belly rubs. He’s a friendly tail wager who likes to stick close to his people.

Rover is a high-energy dog who loves to run and needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Think agility training! He’s made friends with other dogs while here so play dates are a plus for him. He likes chew toys, squeaky toys and balls but like most labs he loves to chew them.

He will need some training since he can be puppy like in play and is jumpy with excitement when meeting new people. Rover is a hunting stock kind of Lab mix with prey drive so No Cats in the home for him. He’s lanky and energetic – he needs space and adventures!

This boy will make an excellent dog for outdoorsy folks & families who have the time and sense of adventure to go on long hikes, to do some training and recall work – he’ll likely be really good and he does want to please – but he needs an outlet for his enthusiasm!