Choosing a Shelter Pet…like a box of chocolate!

I don’t know about you, but for moi a trip to the shelter to select a pet companion to bring home is like being in an exquisite chocolate shop, there’s so many choices­: the artisan chocolate caramel with sea salt, the chocolate with elderflower, the hazelnut crunch chocolate, and the chocolate amandine truffle—all calling out to me, “take me home!” 

Maybe, it would be best to come with a game plan. Before you head out to a shelter have you considered what will work for your lifestyle and personality and if you have a family, the choice of a pet companion that will blend in well with the family pulse?

Like a custom box of chocolate you can plan ahead and be delighted with your choice. There are aspects to consider such as whether you want light or dark as in-active or more subdued pet companion, small or large portion think -small or large breed, some little dogs need lots of room to run around and a larger dog may require more food and space, or do you want one with cherries or almond-a puppy or an adult dog. Puppies are so adorable and yet they become big very fast, before you can even say chocolate espresso truffle.

It’s true that every pet has its unique DNA and so there are exceptions to the breed character descriptions. And with this in mind, if you want some guidance as to the general traits of a breed there are numerous dog and cat books and encyclopedias on the subject that will offer descriptions in terms of grooming, temperament, exercise requirements, and health issues.

PawNews Tip   

Specific Breed Organizations

There are now rescue organizations for almost all types of breeds. If you decide that Fido or Meow needs to be ‘a particular breed’ then do a search on the web for rescue organizations for this breed and check your local shelters.

Enjoy! AND think P.A.W

Patience, Awareness, and Warmth is the secret chocolate sauce to create a healthy bond. More, on P.A.W in a future article. You didn’t want the whole recipe now or eat all the pieces in that box of chocolates at once? (Well, maybe…stay tuned!)

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